ECOMAC MC Money Counter is the best option for offices or companies engaged in finance. Such a tool will provide greater safety and efficiency than conventional calculations. If you want to get convenience in the calculation process, you can rely on it.

Various tools that support work in the office were created specifically to help human needs. This is why we must consider its use. At least we also feel the ease of using this tool. You can be one of those who keep abreast of technological developments too.

Associated with the calculation of money which is very risky. You can try to use it easily. So make sure you watch it immediately to make it easier.

ECOMAC MC Money Counter for Money Count Efficiency in Office

ECOMAC MC Money Counter for Money Count Efficiency

This tool has uses to help calculate money quickly. There are several features specially designed for its users. It is certain to be accurate and the process is shorter.

Especially for counting money in large amounts. It’s better to use a tool like this for an office engaged in finance. Usually, we find tools like this at cashiers, banks, cooperatives, or similar agencies.

Minimizing the occurrence of miscalculations that make you need to compensate. So if you want to be helped in the calculation process, you can easily use this calculating machine.

Features in ECOMAC MC Money Counter

When trying this product you will get some purplish due to its advanced features. Starting from Automatic Stop, when the money counting process is complete. Then automatic start and clear zone.

There are advantages of intelligent self-checking before work in its features. Half-note detection and materials work in lower noise which makes the process quieter. Suitable for all kinds of currencies, adding and batching functions.

Each of these features provides a faster process without worrying. Users only need to wait for the calculation process to complete by itself. That’s why you don’t need to hesitate or worry anymore when you want to try it later.

Machine Specifications

They provide a stacker–hopper capacity of 200 pcs – 400 pcs of money. It can help the calculation process with an external screen and a counting speed of 1000 sheets per minute. The weight of this tool is around 10 kg, so it’s better to put it in a fixed place or not move it around.

When buying it we will get an official warranty for one year. Then at a capacity of 220 volts for 50 to 60 Hz. While the working power consumption of 90 watts.

This ECOMAC MC Money Counter is reliable and accurate enough for you to use in your office every day. You don’t need to hesitate and worry anymore when you want to try it. So make sure to check it on several e-commerce sites to get purchase promos at the friendliest prices.