The Krisbow S302 Paper Shredder is considered to have many advantages. This product is very suitable for office supplies, agencies, and schools. Well, the advantages themselves are quite diverse, namely as follows.

Krisbow S302 Paper Shredder, Capable of Destroying Paper Quickly

The Advantages of Krisbow S302 Paper Shredder

When you have lots of piles of used paper that contain a lot of document contents, of course, you can’t throw them away carelessly. Therefore, every office building always needs a paper shredder.

One of the most popular paper shredders is the Krisbow S302 variant. Besides being popular, of course, this machine also brings many advantages, which are as follows.

Has a Large Enough Capacity

This paper shredder has a capacity that is large enough to accommodate paper crumbs. For its capacity, which reaches 9 liters. How big enough right? So, this machine is very suitable for use in companies that often throw away a lot of paper piles.

Able to Destroy Documents and Paper Quickly

Krisbow S302 Paper Shredder also has speed in destroying paper and documents. In fact, the cut results can be like a straight cut and make the contents of the document unreadable. Now, with this speed, of course it can save time in destroying quite a lot of paper piles.

Able to Cut CD/DVD and ATM

Even more interesting, this paper shredder can not only destroy paper and documents. However, it can also cut CD/DVD, as well as ATM. So, when you have unused CDs and so they don’t pile up, they can be destroyed directly using this machine.

Strong and Durable

As we know, the need for office supplies requires quite a lot of expenses. So, every office always chooses higher quality equipment products so they can last longer. Well, this paper shredder product has good quality, so it can be used in the long term.

Minimalist Size

The size of this machine is fairly minimalist and has a diameter that is not too wide. So, with that size, of course it won’t take up space. In addition, this machine can also be placed in various places in the office.

So, those are some of the advantages offered by this Krisbow S302 Paper Shredder. So, besides destroying paper, the machine is also capable of cutting CD/DVD as well as ATM. The quality of its durability is also fairly qualified. Not only that, this paper shredder is also very durable, so it doesn’t matter if it is used in the long term.