A fax machine is a communication tool that is often used in the world of offices. This tool is also known because it functions to send documents over the telephone network. One of its products is the Brother PPF1270e IntelliFax ​​Fax Machine.

Even though this product is not as popular as it used to be, there are still many people who use this tool.

Brother PPF1270e IntelliFax Fax Machine, Suitable for Long Term Use

Advantages of Brother PPF1270e IntelliFax Fax Machine

Not only can this product print documents, but this product can also send faxes, scan, and copies. This product is practical and can save expenses and space. You can use this fax machine for various purposes.

The IntelliFax-1270e is a full-featured fax machine that can meet the basic needs of a small office. This machine can also provide reliable fax performance with a combination of time-saving features at a more affordable price.

Time-Saving Feature

A number of interesting features have been embedded in this product to help save you time. This also includes the product’s ability to call a number that has been stored automatically. Apart from that, it can also scan a fax once and then automatically send it to a number of recipients.

Beyond the basic fax features, you can also use this model to make copies. Because of that, this product is very convenient without any additional burdensome costs.

Large Paper Handling Capacity

The paper capacity that can be accommodated by this product is 200 sheets. This 20-page automatic document feeder is perfect for small office use. This product can also help reduce time-outs for reloading paper and can also handle larger, multi-page faxes or copies.

Fax and Voice Calling Features in One Line

This one feature will save costs from separate telephone lines for voice calls and fax calls. The built-in interface of the Brother PPF1270e IntelliFax ​​Fax Machine allows you to connect an external answering machine.

Customers who have subscribed to the service can take advantage of this versatile fax machine. No more assembly is required to replace cartridges, as the options are easy to replace.

Fax Modem 14.4Kbps

The fax output with its transmission speed has a speed of up to 9 seconds per page. There is also a Quick Scan feature that allows users to retrieve original documents and can return to work when the user’s documents are sent.

This fax machine weighs about 6.7 kg with dimensions of 38.6 x 37.6 x 21.6 cm. Brother PPF1270e IntelliFax ​​has 512 KB of storage memory and can hold up to 25 pages.

There are enlargement and reduced copy features ranging from 50-150%. Brother PPF1270e IntelliFax ​​Fax Machine can also send automatic calls to 112 stations and of course, the product prices are affordable.