Looking for the right Wifi router for the office? Well, this TP-Link WR845N can really be used as an option for a wifi connection in the office. This Wifi router has a fairly wide range, so it is suitable for office areas. So, if you are interested in using this WiFi router, please first look at the following reviews.

TP-Link WR845N, WiFi Router Equipped with Three Antennas


TP-Link WR845N Wifi Router Review

In choosing a WiFi router, of course, you need to consider several things, such as range, frequency band, and so on. So, for office needs, the TP-Link WR845N series can be an option. Well, here’s a series of reviews if you’re curious.

Equipped with 3 Antennas

This router is equipped with 3 antennas that can reach a fairly wide wifi range and can maintain network stability. In addition, with IP control, of course, it can help administrators determine how much bandwidth can be assigned to each device.

Has a Fairly High Average Speed

The TP-Link WR845N Wifi Router has a fairly high average speed of 220Mbps and 190 Mbps when carrying out the data transmission process. Of course this is also accompanied by the quality of the internet connection used.

Has WPS Button

Not to forget, to support the security of data transmission activities, of course this router is also equipped with a WPS button. The button will function to easily maintain network security encryption, and prevent foreign connections from connecting.

Compact and Featherweight

The weight of this WiFi router is quite light, only 300 grams. With this much weight, of course, it will make it easier to install this router in all places. In addition, the size itself is also fairly compact, namely 23 x 14 x 3.5 cm.

Able to Design a Router in Doing 4 Jobs

TP-Link can also design a router to do four jobs. For this work, such as access points, network routers, range extenders, and WISP as functional modes for various needs. So you could say, this TP-Link can be multifunctional.

Very Easy to Setup

For the use of TP-Link, this one is quite easy to set up. So, when you encounter problems with your network distribution, this router can be fixed quickly.

Thus a review of the TP-Link WR845N Wifi router that you can pay attention to. By using this router, of course, it can help transmit wifi signals from one office building to another easily.