Krisbow Paper Shredder S433 is the best choice in today’s era. This product will help you clean up various types of paper waste, especially those containing important data. All print data cleaning processes will be faster and safer in your office.

Today’s shredder is important enough to be placed in an office. The reason is we can overcome the accumulation of paper files that make the room full. Incidents of data abuse will also be resolved properly.

This is why in the end many offices that deal with important data and files choose to use this tool. So, if your office has work related to important data, you can use it immediately. Guaranteed to be very helpful, the cleaning process also runs without the need to spend time.

Krisbow Paper Shredder S433 Solves Paper Waste Problems in Office

Krisbow Paper Shredder S433 Solve Paper Waste

Problems Many have bought paper shredder products, but we would recommend this Krisbow brand. This product has specifications that are capable enough to handle various types of paper. Many even use it as a paper-breaking machine, various types of paper and it is very effective to use.

We will be helped by the presence of this tool in the office. No need to worry anymore about selling paper waste that is at risk of being misused by others. Everything will be resolved properly after the file is destroyed through the process of this machine.

Make sure your office has one to deal with paper buildup. Guaranteed to be more environmentally friendly and save the budget.

Specifications of Krisbow Paper Shredder S433

This product can provide types of cuts up to micro cut, the result is 4 x 35 mm. Various types of paper, starting from A4 paper, can be directly inserted up to 15 sheets at a time. This will speed up the destruction of paper files piled up in the office right?

Meanwhile, the cutting speed can reach 2.4 mm every minute. This is a consideration for many people using this tool. Meanwhile, the capacity of the container reaches 25 liters.

The process takes 10 minutes by default, we can do various other jobs. No need to wait for it, automatically a lot of work can be done simultaneously at once. Interestingly, this tool will not make loud noises or disrupt office conditions.

For only 420 watts of power, it is very small and will not waste electricity. Buyers can get 3 months warranty and 12 months of service. Later, you can buy with a black option.

This S433 Krisbow Paper Shredder will be a sophisticated tool that can effectively help with various office jobs. That’s why you won’t lose at all when you buy it. The price tag for this product is less than five million rupiah. This product can last for a long time, as long as it is used wisely. You can buy through various online shopping platforms.