The HP LaserJet Managed E800 is a multifunction printer that you can use to support work in the office. By using this product, the process of printing documents can take place quickly. To get to know this HP printer, you can look at the following description.

HP LaserJet Managed E800, Mainstay Printer in the Office

HP LaserJet Managed E800 Specifications

The LaserJet Managed E800 printer has specifications that are still qualified and of the best quality. As for one sector of specifications that is interesting for you to know, namely the design.

The design of this printer is fairly sleek and easy for you to customize. This printer also has a modern design and is available in 5 color panels at once.

Because it is available in a variety of color choices, you can customize the printer with office decorations or concepts. This makes you feel more comfortable when you are in the office.

Apart from the design, you also need to know the specifications regarding the printing speed. The performance of the HP LaserJet Managed E800 printer is very fast because it can print up to 70 ppm3.

Performance is increasingly reliable because there is support for Quad-core processors. Apart from being fast and reliable, this printer is also safe because it is equipped with HP Wolf Enterprise Security.

This support allows printers to detect, protect, and recover from malicious attacks. Whether it’s a virus or some other type of harmful substance.

Features of the LaserJet Managed E800

This printer also has complete and adequate features. Some of its features are as follows.

Latest FLOW 2.0

One of the features that you can find on the HP LaserJet Managed E800 printer is the latest FLOW 2.0. This feature allows the LaserJet Managed E800 printer to perform comprehensively.

Also with this feature, the LaserJet Managed E800 printer can assist users in creating shortcuts, editing content on the control panel, and even signing.

Innovative Reverse and Entry

Other features that also exist in the LaserJet Managed E800 are Innovative Reverse and Entry. This feature assists users in detecting and resolving issues in multiple feeds.

When there is a jammed paper you can also overcome it by utilizing this advanced technology. That way, the printer workflow can be maintained optimally.

Advantages of LaserJet Managed E800

As the best printer to support work in the office, you also need to know what are the advantages of the HP LaserJet Managed E800. One of the advantages is that this printer is equipped with Autosensing technology.

Thanks to this technology, users can save time in tone and color management. Users are also able to detect documents on two sides automatically.

We cannot deny that the HP LaserJet Managed E800 is indeed the best product that you can use in the office. With guaranteed quality, this product from HP is also durable in the long term.