Epson L1110 Printer is an option with many advantages. Choosing an Epson printer is not easy. Because there are many variants that it offers. However, if you need a printer that is only for office needs, the Epson L1110 is worth considering. This is because the printers in the EcoTank series are affordable, and are even known to be tough in their class.

Epson L1110 Printer Product Selection with Various Advantages

Know the Various Advantages of the Epson L1110 Printer

The Epson L1110 is Epson’s best-selling product and is well-liked by many users. Because this printer has impressive design, features, and quality. Associated with the price offered is quite affordable.

You need to know, Epson is a printer brand with a reputation and quality that is trusted by many users. This Epson brand has complete and suitable products to meet your printing needs. If you want to know more, here are the advantages.

Compact Design

The Epson L1110 comes with a modern and simple design. Therefore, it will be very suitable for you to store it in a corner of a modern-style room. The size of this printer will not take up much space when you put it. The dimensions of this printer are 375 x 347 x 169 mm. Meanwhile, the weight of 2.7 kg will also support you if you want to move it easily.

Ink Spill Free

Looking at the design of the Epson L1110 Printer, the ink tank is one with the body. You won’t experience spilled ink which is quite troublesome. Because the ink tank is on the front right and integrated with the body. You don’t have to bother when you remove or install the ink tank.

If you are going to refill ink it also feels very easy. Each ink bottle has a cap with a unique locking nozzle that matches its color. For that, you can avoid filling errors or ink spilling into other tanks.

Sharper and Faster Print Results

You need to know that the maximum resolution of this printer is 5760 x 1440 dpi. You can print photos with high quality. Of course, with a maximum paper capacity of A4 size.

You also need to be proud of the speed of printing. The Epson L1110 can print black at 10 ipm and color prints at 5 ipm. If you print jobs in a hurry, then this printer can be relied upon.

More Efficient Ink Use

The use of ink from this printer is fairly economical. This printer color print will produce 7,500 pages and with black ink, it can reach 4,500 pages. Because, with the technology it uses, it will avoid messy prints and wasteful ink.

The ink from this printer is Epson with the 003 series. Based on searches, the unit price is still affordable. You can print documents many times and don’t need to use injecting ink. Epson L1110 Printer is the most appropriate choice to rely on.