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  • July 19, 2019
  • How Your Mental State Is Affected By Mind Wandering

    The brain is so undermined that we forget how much we need it and how much we use it in our daily lives – from thinking about what to eat for breakfast, to estimate the time we’ll be stuck in traffic, to mentally noting ideas that we need to access later on. The brain also is responsible for enhancing focus and inherent concentration, we need to achieve all our goals, both short-term and long-term.

    Just recently, some scientists reviewed what resulted from research published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience about mind wandering in the hopes of creating a new framework for comprehending mental disorders. In the study, a concept utilized is of the wandering mind and how it affects mental health and possibly points toward some mental disorders such as anxiety, ADHD, and depression.

    When the mind wanders, it often goes to the areas of our lives that causes worry in us. Our fears tend to constrain the contents of our mind wandering, drawing us to the same thoughts that are usually causing worry in us. Now in this paper, we begin to see dreaming as mind wandering as in REM sleep, the regions of our brain that are activated in mind wandering are also activated, and our calm state functions as a constraint to our dreams’ content. With this in mind, dreaming and anxiety begin to form somewhat a relation, as those scenarios that we create in our mind birthed from our anxieties that we thoroughly avoid in real life start to manifest in our dreams and place us in situations that we cannot escape from. This new development causes a breakthrough in therapy and treatment as dreams could then be used to pinpoint the anxieties of one who is experiencing mental illness, especially those related with trauma like post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Help is provided for treating mental disorders

    In our day and age, mental illnesses no longer hold stigmas as we push towards understanding and awareness when it comes to mental health. These days, mental disorders are seen as an issue that deserves attention and not negligence, and people who are going through these are not seen as different from everybody else, but as human beings who are in need of care just like everyone else. There are many ways today to treat mental disorders, including mindfulness treatment and talking with a professional therapist or psychiatrist in the pursuit of holding down your mind which could be triggering when allowed to wander. There are also different help lines that offer aid when it comes to treatment and facing the difficulty of mental disorders. One should not wait around until things slip from their control – mental illness must be faced as soon as possible.

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