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  • July 21, 2019
  • How to Use the Internet if You have Any Disability
    Years back the internet was not as beautiful as it is today, it had disorganized information, ugly colors and ugly pictures. Those days, it was hard for one to use the internet and have much fun as you can today. Currently, almost everyone in the world is using the internet for different purposes. Everyone is enjoying the services and the things that you receive from the internet. There are people who might not know if the disabled can use the internet.
    The truth is, it is easy for anyone with disability to navigate through the internet easily. Through some changes in technology, it is now possible for anyone to use the internet. People with disability are able to have fun from the internet like other people do.
    You might not know how the internet has been easy for the people with disability to navigate through easily, below are some of the technologies that are being used to make things easier and better.
    There are some devices that help the disabled. People have come up with some of these devices with the aim of making sure that everyone in this world can easily use the internet. They provide access for anyone with deafness, physical disability, blindness and cognitive disability. Through the following devices, anyone with disability can easily use the internet.
    Alternative keyboards. Not everyone who can easily use the normal keyboards. Anyone who might not have some hands or legs might not be able to use the normal keyboards. You need to find an alternative if you are in such situation. Alternative keyboards have been made in a special way with some on-screen, sip-and-puff switches, and an eye-gaze. When using any of these keyboards, you will be able to have a special way of sending input to the computer you are using.
    For the blind we have the braille screen. The braille screen has helped blind people to easily use the internet and read what they get. For a blind person to use the braille screen, any information on the internet is displayed on the screen by the use of some dots that are either raised while others are lowered to help one read all the information. Today, the blind can easily use the internet just like a normal person with better eyesight can use the same internet.
    Screen magnifiers. We have many people who suffer from poor eyesight once they grow old or when one falls sick. Due to poor eyesight, most people have found it difficult to use the internet again in their life like they used to do before. A screen magnifier adds some magnification to a certain portion of the computer screen. It is now possible for one to use the internet if you have a poor eyesight.