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  • July 21, 2019
  • Tips in Preparing for the Best Sweet 16 Party

    Birthday is always a happy celebration. You celebrate your birthday yearly. The meaning of birthday to a person is not always the same. You would feel one birthday is a lot special that the other birthdays. Sweet 16 is among these special birthdays. The preparation of the 16th birthday is more thorough than ever. If it is time for your children to have their own sweet 16 birthday party, you must have the proper preparation. Here are some tips on what to prepare so you can provide the best sweet 16 party.

    1. Know your budget – You will have a lot of expenses when celebrating the 16th birthday. It does not mean you have to go bankrupt just to host the party. Just prepare how much you can spend for the party.

    2. How many guests can you expect?Number of guests – The regular guests for the party at young people. It could be the classmates or friends of your child. It does not have to be the whole class or kids in the neighbourhood to attend the party. You can focus on the people who touch your child’s life.

    3. Reserve the venue – Venue must be reserved for the birthday party. Just consider those reputable venues. This will also let you have the venue all by yourself. You do not want strangers crashing the party just because the venue is not exclusive for your group.

    4. What’s the date? – The ideal party date is the exact birthday of your child who will turn 16. Unfortunately, you will end up spending way more for the venue in certain cases. Holiday seasons will often increase the rate and costs of goods and services. You might want to consider moving the date of the party. This will give you a better party compared to the one you will hold at a critical date with the same budget.

    5. Theme of the party – Considering the right theme is vital. You can set the them personally. If not, let your children pick which theme they want.

    6. Catering services – Planning for catering services is also an option. Allergies and customs must also be considered when it comes to food. This means all people can eat them. Another set of menu might be more suitable.

    7. Go for musicians. – Parlor games are only for young children. Teens will listen to music and even make a playlist. Musicians will always attend the birthday party. You just have to pick among singers, DJ’s and band.

    8. Print the invitation – You cannot expect to have a sweet 16 party without sending your invitation. The design of the invitation must be similar to the theme. The invitation can also serve as your access to the party.

    9. Prepare the program – There is always a program for birthday parties. This will keep the party organized.

    Host a sweet 16 party everyone can remember.

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