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  • July 21, 2019
  • All about Eye Exam for Diabetes

    If you have diabetes, then undergoing routine eye exam is going to be important. Whether you believe it or not, diabetic retinopathy has already affected over 285 million people globally. So to make things simpler, diabetes has already made more people blind than other known diseases. With this being said, it only makes sense that you begin learning of the different methods and measures to be tested for existing eye conditions.

    As you read this guide to eye exam, you will be able to acquire help on how to find the right eye specialist and correct test to attain better vision at the same time. If you want to improve your vision and life overall, then it is best that you read the entire text.

    Diabetes have the ability of targeting blood vessels most especially in the retina which is also the same reason that has caused long term damage to eye health and to vision. Aside from that, conditions like glaucoma are more likely to happen for diabetic patients. Glaucoma is almost the same with diabetic retinopathy wherein there’s a buildup of pressure in eyeball.

    Before you start your search for eye doctors who is going to perform eye exam, it is essential that you have a clear idea of your Document everything which can be done easily by listing down all your symptoms on a piece of paper. Through this, you can provide all the vital information to your physician and get the help you specifically need.

    You need to know that experts in eye care have various specialties and for this reason, you might find someone who are focused on retina while others are into general eye health. To give you an example, optometrists are prescribing both glasses and providing treatment for eye disorders as well as diseases and doing eye exam. Ophthalmologists on the other hand are treating superset of eye diseases which include the ones related to diabetics. Depending on the type of diagnosis and the findings of the doctor, you are likely going to visit an ophthalmologist to evaluate and attend your specific situation.

    The doctors mentioned are capable of diagnosing and treating eye disorders but none of them are specializing in providing the right glasses and lenses if you have eye disease that is brought by diabetes. In this case, the professional whom you should be looking for is an optician. There are actually obscure doctors who serve as retinal specialist. These medical professionals are directly dealing with the retina and can be the best practitioner in attending to your diabetic retinopathy and providing eye exam.