5 Ways to Find Airport Savings When It’s Time to Park

  • admin
  • September 13, 2019
  • These days, travelers have more airport parking choices than ever before. Medium and large airports offer multiple ways to park and, in most cases, these options are priced according to their convenience and proximity to the terminal. Some of these options are explained below.

    Short-Term Parking

    Short-term parking lots are usually located near an airport’s terminals. Though they’re very convenient, they’re not the best way to get those airport savings. The short-term lots are intended for people who are picking up or dropping off other passengers. If you decide to park in a short-term lot, you’ll pay for the convenience.

    Daily Parking

    Daily parking garages and lots are costlier than long-term parking, but they’re cheaper than short-term options. The daily parking lot is usually a short drive from the terminal, and most airports offer free shuttles for passengers’ convenience.

    Satellite or Long-Term Parking

    Long-term parking, sometimes called the satellite parking lot, is often far from the terminal, and passengers must take a shuttle or a taxi to get to the airport. However, rates are substantially lower than daily or short-term parking rates. Long-term parking is perfect for those who need to park their cars for days on end.

    Off-Site Parking

    In many places, private parking garages and lots are popping up around airports. These usually offer lower rates than airports’ long-term parking lots, and in most cases, travelers can get a shuttle to and from the terminal. By booking a parking reservation online, it’s possible to save even more.

    Airport Shuttles

    Depending on their location, a traveler may be able to book a spot on an airport shuttle bus or van. Here, the driver will pick them up or drop them off at home. Drivers typically need to pick up other riders as well, so it’s important to allow plenty of time to get to the airport.

    Parking Tips

    If you know just when to be at the airport, consider booking a parking spot well in advance. Be sure to keep the parking ticket. If it gets lost, be ready to pay a fee to retrieve the vehicle. Lock the vehicle, keep the keys close by, and don’t leave valuables in plain sight. By following these tips, any airport parking experience can be an easy one.